Tussling with self

Many times when God is speaking out to us, the enemy who I am by no means giving credit! BUT, he will stick his big head up and primarily focus his bad tentions on one’s self. We think that it is all for the good when really now it is all for the bad . Sometimes we cannot see what is being hide, But we can expose what it is that is under the covers then the cover will be snatched off. Our God is a God of many Secrets who better to unveil somethings than him?


Bridle your tongue

Good day Saints, don’t allow the enemy to use your tongue against you, control your tongue, Don’t allow your tongue to control you . You have been sat free from it all, Whenever you boast let your boasting be about the things of God.There is Power in the Name of Jesus, Now you can take this to the bank!

Lord! My God!

Wow, did you know that things are not what they seem? Yes they are not. The distractions that we face daily, is just a ploy to counter attack The Saints of The Most High God , but that’s ok, because while he busy trying to distract you he has already been bamboozled. keep focus, you have the victory, its already done.

Enrichment, Enlightment

Close your eyes! Breath in, Breath out, now focus on the goodness of the Lord, where he has brought you from, and Just Know that he truly is taking you to a good place, Get excited, there is always something new in His majesty.You are a testimony within a testimony and it is all because of ties that bind you. Now can you feel him holding you , enjoy the love of your sweet inspiration , Know that he is with you. Open your eyes, tell him Thank you, allow the Grace of God to over take you. Always remember this :The will of God will never take you to a place where the Grace of God will not protect you.

Just one of those days

Just one of those days, Father when I know you are there.Everything is everything! But Father its’s as if my days are underneath a dark cloud and I can’t breath, but Father I know that you are there. Father I began to cry, and my knees began to qviver,although I know my strength cometh from you So I stand tall. , Father I just need to hear you say baby I love you, Father sometimes I become so lonely, But Father I know that you are there, You said that even If I made my bed in Hell, you would be there with me, But Father sometimes it seems as though that truly is so , but Father I know that there is joy in you , Hold me, Father I need you more than ever, Father I love you Just for claiming me, Just for being my Father!

The Utmost Respect

Who derserves the utmost respect? By George it is the one who can do any thing at any given time. Allow God to do your biding for you. Allow him to be the driving force in your life .Allow him to fight your battles.Allow him to pick you up when ever you may fall.Allow him to wipe your tears away.Allow him to be your pillow.Allow Him to hear your heart, Allow him to just be there to listen. Give it all to him, what ever you tell him it is between you and him.God Cherishes everything concerning you , please cherish him the way that he does you. Abide in him as he Abide in you.He is no respector of persons. Please give him your utmost respect. He surely deserves it.

Who is your driving force? MY GOD Is Mine

You can choose 2 let it define you confine you , refine you , outside of you or you can choose to move on and leave it behind you. If you allow God to be your GPS, all of your directions will come to a greater begining with no malfunctions that he cannot handle with your trust. Put God above every situation, circumstance, trial, and most of all above man. Purify your mind on today, after all this is the day that the Lord has made.I will do it for you! I sprinkle the blood on every thought that is not of God in your mind I pray for your mind! In Jesus Name Amen!